Superfast dinners in a giant jukebox during the funfair



Ibiza Restaurant in Tilburg (The Netherlands) turns its façade temporarily into a giant jukebox during the most famous funfair in the Netherlands.

Superfast dinners

Restaurant Ibiza lies at the fairground and at any day of the funfair the public can enjoy a delicious dinner at a number of fixed times. Dinner will take no more than one hour, guests don’t want to lose too much time! The meals in the jukebox are accompanied by musical entertainment. The giant jukebox will be on the ‘Heuvelring’ in Tilburg from 17 July to 26 July. Tickets are available through the website and range in price from € 19.99 to € 29.99 for a meal and two drinks.

Inspiration from the funfair in Tilburg

Tempting your guests with a great meal, served within the hour and a special entrance and music … Ibiza restaurant becomes part of the fair. A great way to approach their potential guests. What happens nearby your restaurant this summer? Anything you could anticipate on at an original manner? What would generate a lot of free publicity in advance and a lot of extra guests at the event? Restaurant Ibiza really understands the guests that are coming to the funfair, they love theatrical gestures, a good dinner and they need a lot of time to enjoy the amusement rides!

Website: Restaurant Ibiza

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