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  • SQWZ soda - worth the squeezeSQWZ soda - worth the squeeze
  • SQWZ soda - worth the squeezeSQWZ soda - worth the squeeze

With the introduction of SQWZ, D-drinks aims to raise awareness of soft drink consumption. 71% of consumers say they are concerned about the amount of sugars in soft drinks. They are looking for alternatives that are low in calories but also taste good. After squeezing many recipes, Team SQWZ has succeeded in developing a range of organic soft drinks that are low in calories and taste delicious! (You CAN have it all!) SODA worth the squeeze!

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Low Cal Soda, 100% organic, no added sugar | SQWZ is a new generation of soda

An authentic taste, pure ingredients that are understandable and because they are both low in calories and sugars, much better for you than a regular soda. SQWZ is a new generation of low calorie soda and although it contains only 10-12 kcal per 100 ml, it contains no sweeteners. By using the best, highest quality organic juices, they have succeeded in developing a soft drink with a real natural taste. Without added sugars, without artificial flavors and without the nasty aftertaste of sweeteners. A soda for every day without the guilt.

SQWZ is certified 100% CO2 neutral and therefore the first CO2 neutral can on the market. In addition, at SQWZ they invest 1% of their turnover in biodiversity thanks to their partnership with SUGi, an organization for urban rewilding according to the sustainable Miyawaki technique.

SQWZ consists of a series of three flavors with a fresh look & feel. SQWZ Lemon Ginger, with the fresh taste of lemon and a light kick of ginger. SQWZ Rhubarb, the soft and characteristic taste of rhubarb with a slightly sweet undertone. SQWZ Peach, enjoy the delicious taste and smell of pressed ripe peaches.

About D-drinks

D-drinks is the leading, dynamic platform for natural drinks and snacks. With the mission to further expand the trend of natural ‘better-for-you’ products and to give them a permanent place in the market. Inspired by high-quality ingredients and driven by a sustainable no-nonsense vision, they inspire entrepreneurs to challenge and break through the classic drink and snack industry. Over the past 13 years, D-drinks Group has built an extensive, fast-growing distribution network in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France, supplying all channels in the market.

Belvoir Farm also introduced by D-drinks

They have also recently introduced the new Belvoir Farm Botanical Sodas. The new range consists of three different flavor profiles; Floral Fizz, Bitter Orange Spritz and Spicy Ginger Gizz. Inspired by nature and with an effervescent botanical character, this refined alcohol-free trio is also low in calories with only 4.5 grams of sugar and less than 20 calories per 100ml.

Website: D-Drinks

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