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Social Technology Group, a company focused on bringing people together through socially engaging technology, announced it will launch on January 1st, 2022 their Regulation CF campaign on WeFunder, to further develop and enhance their mobile app, social-eats. Social-eats launches a Reg CF campaign to answer “where do we want to eat?”

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Regular crowd funding campaign for new mobile app social-eats

The social-eats app’s interface allows users to swipe left or right on various local restaurants, depending on personal favourability, and has the capability to refine restaurant results by certain dietary restrictions. Groups of friends can collectively vote on particular eateries and once a ‘winning’ restaurant is identified, users can make reservations directly through the app.

The Social Technology Group was selected as one of 1,000+ of applicants to Newchip’s competitive accelerator program. Spearheaded by Marine Corps veterans Stephen Foster and Roger Machut, social-eats aims to help solve the timeless “Where do you want to eat” debate by tracking and matching restaurant preferences among personalized groups.

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“After many evenings spent debating where to eat with my then vegetarian girlfriend, I was determined to find a solution that didn’t leave us frustrated and hungry at the end of the night,” says Foster, founder and CEO of social-eats. “social-eats’ algorithm accounts for individual user preference and curates a list of restaurants that align with the group’s collective interests and dietary restrictions. It’s an effective one-stop platform for dining out. We Google “restaurants near me” 20.4 million times globally every month, and people are ready for a new solution” Machut points out that “Beyond the user’s hometowns, social-eats will be a lifeline to solving that same “where to eat” or the critical “where can I eat that caters to my dietary needs” dilemma while away on vacation or business.”

Social Technology Group encourages all interested investors to visit WeFunder which contains important information and disclosures, including financial statements and risk factors.

Bringing people together through socially engaging technology

Social Technology Group is focused on bringing people together through socially engaging technology. After years of creating technology solutions for other businesses, Stephen Foster decided to create a solution to create solutions for our everyday problem; humans are social creatures, but our increasingly busy lives make it harder and harder to get together with your friends.  The Social Technology Group is creating user focused tools to help eliminate some of the barriers associated with planning a night out with family or friends, allowing us to spend more time with our loved ones, and less time on our phones. For additional information about the campaign and to learn more about social-eats, visit the crowdfunding page and their website.

Website: social-eats app

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