Smokey Jo’s Cantina | Summer bar in Antwerp


It’s summer, which means that the magic warehouse of city brewery Stadsbrouwerij ‘De Koninck’ in Antwerp has been transformed into a temporary summer bar. After Summer Josephine’s and Smokey Jo’s Garage, the brewery’s interior garden will house Smokey Jo’s Cantina this year. The ultimate place to relax in the city. Prepare for a thick layer of white sand and palm trees, beach chairs and hammocks.

Smokey Jo’s Cantina

Smokey Jo’s Cantina is a summer bar with a Mexican and Californian vibe. A shining sun, surfboard under the arm and sunscreen on your nose. Smokey Jo’s Cantina has a very laid-back atmosphere: no hard beats, but relaxed deephouse dj sessions. It’s a true family-minded beach bar. In the big kids zone, children can search shells and build sandcastles.

Burritos and California Rolls

Unlike last year, there is no à la carte restaurant this time, it’s a self-service restaurant where they sell fresh summer dishes. On the menu are Mexican dishes – from burritos to tacos, as well as typical Californian delights with Asian twists like the California Roll: a sushi variant introduced by Japanese immigrants in California. Like California itself, Smokey Jo’s Cantina’s menu is also a melting pot of cultures. The bartenders of the Dirty Rabbit cocktail bar shake the best cocktails or you can choose to drink one of the Belgian beers from city brewery ‘De Koninck’.


Smokey Jo’s Cantina is located at the Boomgaardstraat 17 in Antwerp and is open until the third of September. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays they are closed, the other days they are open from 17.00 hours. Except on Sundays then you can already go and enjoy one of the hammocks as from 12 o’clock.

Website: Smokey Jo's Cantina

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