Sipping cocktails in a ‘ball pit bar’!


Only accessible for those who are over 21 of age but wished they were still five! Forward Motion organised a ‘ball pit bar’ in San Francisco, the bar was open on the 19th and 20th of March. The ‘Ball pit bar’ made adults feel like kids again, but with alcohol.

Inspiration redecorating your bar into a pop-up ‘ball pit bar’.

You probably have seen some adults making themselves small, in order to enter the ball pit at McDonald’s? They say it´s because of quality time with their children. One of those adults must be the inspirator of this idea! Forward Motion, the organization behind the idea was founded in 2015 by Ryan Lum. The idea of a ball pit bar came to Lum after talking to the owner of San Francisco´s bar Romper Room. The two decided it would be fun to mix a childhood activity with adult drinks. So a great night out: playing, dancing and sipping colourful cocktails at the pop-up ‘ball pit bar’ event in San Francisco.

Website: Forward Motion San Francisco

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