Sayah Spekkoek Liqueur | Pure with ice cubes, in Indonesian Coffee or in cocktails


  • SAYAH spekkoeklikeurSAYAH spekkoeklikeur
  • SAYAH spekkoeklikeur on the rocksSAYAH spekkoeklikeur on the rocks
  • Indonesian coffee met SAYAH spekkoeklikeurIndonesian coffee met SAYAH spekkoeklikeur
  • Cocktail met SAYAH spekkoeklikeurCocktail met SAYAH spekkoeklikeur

The new bottle and the improved positioning of Sayah spekkoek liqueur is presented at the Dutch Horecava. The owners of SAYAH, the Pieplenbosch family, went looking for a more authentic look with as result a ‘Dutch Delight with an Indonesian twist’ on the label. As several drinks who have rebranded their drinks they also give guidelines at their website on how to drink the Spekkoek liqueur, either pure on the rocks or in the coffee (Indonesian Coffee) and you can experiment with cocktails. At their website they give the recipe of their signature cocktail which is the Ticket2Bali.

Nice before or after an Indonesian meal

We wrote about SAYAH Spekkoek Liqueur in 2013 but as indicated the liqueur is recently repositioned. The bottle (0.5 litres) with special shape and their label has a visual, rich and warm atmosphere with various style elements from Indonesia. With at their website a cocktail recipe for Ticket2Bali (sounds yummy including gin, lychee, ginger ale, lime and fresh mint) but you can also drink the liqueur in (Indonesian Coffee) or next to a coffee. Even straight with a couple of ice cubes. Like many other beverages companies that rebranded, the Pieplenbosch family tries to find a larger audience for the recipe of their grandmother. At their website they offer plenty of choices how you want to drink it.

Sayah Spekkoek Liqueur

Sayah was awarded at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London, it won a silver award for its exceptional taste. It is sold at the better liquor shop and in the Netherlands at wholesalers for restaurants.

Website: SAYAH Spekkoeklikeur

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