SAVE MORE BREAD! | ‘De Tweede Jeugd’ is even more fanatic in trying to avoid bread waste


Every single day, more than 400.000 loafs of bread are being thrown away. At ‘De Tweede Jeugd’ (the Second Youth) they think that this is a big waste! That’s why they try to save as much bread as they can, by making the best Supertostis you’ve ever tasted! In October 2016 Manuel and Benjamin opened their first ‘Bread outlet’ at the Jan Evertsenstraat in Amsterdam. Both have been chefs and want to fight food waste. Now they have their own Tostibar at the NDSM-wharf where they sell their Supertosti’s and Crostini. The people from Amsterdam can order their tosti’s at twenty retailers in the city. In total they already saved about 14.000 loafs of bread by now. Their ambition is to give a second life to all leftover bread from the 11 stores of bakery chain BBROOD by the end of 2018. That’s why they started their crowdfunding.

‘De Tweede Jeugd’ gives bread a second life

About two years ago they started selling Yesterday’s Bread for half of the original price. They experimented a lot, making granola, croutons, soup, spiced breadcrumbs, bread drinks and French toast. Their Supertosti’s and Crostini ended up meeting the highest standards. Now it’s time to make them available to more people! Up until now their products are sold at their Tostibar, but now it’s time to step it up a notch. ‘De tweede jeugd‘ wants their Supertostis and Crostini at more supermarkets so everybody can enjoy them at home. Moreover, they want to clean up their delivery by making it emission-free.

Save more bread! | Supertosti’s and Crostini at home

To reach their goal and to grow even more, they need to enlarge their market. More retailers are interested to sell their Supertosti’s and Crostini. They need to make a large financial investment for this purpose. To make their products look as good as they taste, they need new packaging and design. Their business values sustainability, circularity and quality. That’s why they want to make their deliveries in an electrical van. If they get more donations than their goal amount (€ 25.000,=), they will give the production kitchen a much needed makeover. To handle the growth, they need new equipment and more working space.

Check out the website of CrowdAboutNow which rewards Manuel and Benjamin have created for your investments besides eternal thanks and a lot of very big hugs 😉

Website: De tweede jeugd

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