Sapphire House Antwerp is going to be the first hotel that is fully plant-based led by Bart De Pooter.


Sapphire House Antwerp announces its chef for the first time. None other than the two-star chef Bart De Pooter, coming from Pastorale** opens this year no fewer than two restaurants in the prestigious Autograph Collection Hotel by Mariott. WILD|n, which is located in the oldest room of the hotel, will be the first plant-based fine dining restaurant in Antwerp. Chef De Pooter will surprise and inspire with pure and pedantic gastronomy. A new culinary chapter has begun.

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The first, fully plant-based hotel | Sapphire House Antwerp

PLANT|n, the casual sister of WILD|n, provides their guests with all their wishes from breakfast to dinner. Unique about this is concept is that next to WILD|n and PLANT|n, de entire culinary hotel experience will be fully plant-based, from room service to minibar, and on top of this, this will all be led by Chef De Poorter. This makes Sapphire House Antwerp the very first hotel that offers a fully-plant based experience to its guests.

With this concept hotel dining in Antwerp leaps forward again, also because both hotels are also accessible for foodies who are not staying at the hotel. Sapphire House in Antwerp and PLANT|n will open their doors halfway through April. WILD|n is expected to open its doors in May.

Sapphire House Antwerp not only catches your eye next to the historical splendor of the “Handelsbeurs”. Also on a culinary level, this place promises to become the place to be in Antwerp. None other than Bart De Poorter is appointed to make this hotel the Belgian reference in the world of plant-based cuisine. That mission is taken to heart with “lust, or what do you think about a two-star chef?

Sapphire House Antwerp opens two restaurants with De Poorter.

  • PLANT|n, all day dining from breakfast to room service and to dinner, opens its doors together with the hotel in April.
  • WILD|n, will be a fine dining restaurant opening its doors in May.

Bart De Pooter

That fact that he soul and roots of Bart De Pooter are located 18 kilometers  away, in the rural Reet, between the fields of the Rupel, Nete and Schelde, is actually the strength of this culinary masterpiece.

According to Bart it is the right time and Antwerp is ready for this new adventure. “Antwerp, one of the most avant-garde cities, offers a lot potential and is open to the inventive plan-based gastronomy”.

“Although Pastorale is the only two-star restaurant in the province of Antwerp, we were never considered an Antwerp restaurant. I now get the chance to bring my roots to the city centre of Antwerp and giving a plant-based identity to the Sapphire House Antwerp, from breakfast to dinner”.


PLANT|n or better, around the clock plant-based dining in the Sapphire House Antwerp is not just a little culinary delight, but also a sustainable and perky concept. Innovative, progressive and unseen in the hotel sector. Belgian terroir through and through: all herbs, vegetables, wild picking and flowers are originating from responsible farming.

“We create our own food platforms to be able to deliver the ingredients”.

You will not be finding any food in plastic in the hotels rooms, everything will be delivered in bulk and then served ecologically. Even the water will be bottled and filtered by us. Craving room service? Forget about the unattractive copy of a Caesar salad, but think about a sublime choice of crispy salads with accents of herbs, plant-based mayonnaises, and vinaigrettes. “plant-based is tasty and developed”.


“WILD|n naturally refers to the wild herbs and flowers that I use in my kitchen, but it is also a nod to the old 15th century Antwerp city coat of arms that hangs above the entrance, with the image of the wild man and wild woman, the original inhabitants of this area. Next to this, I want to make WILD|n into a plant-based gastronomic temple”.

It also concerns fermented vegetables, homemade flavor enhancers, and even cookies made from vegetable waste. The open kitchen shows an international team with whom Bart has been translating various delicious creations and pleasure moments onto a plate for years. Be surprised by Bart De Pooter’s signature. He can elevate a simple ingredient into something heavenly. Take a moment to savor the new culinary chapter that will redefine the rich landscape of Antwerp.



Website: Sapphire House Antwerp

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