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  • S.Pellegrino Destination Dining

S.Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water’s Destination Dining program returns this fall with an expanded series to connect more communities through culinary cultural immersion, one dish at a time. S.Pellegrino has partnered with restaurants across the U.S. and Latin America — in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and New York, and internationally in Argentina, Brazil, Panama and Peru — to exchange their most iconic dishes, bringing a taste of a new community to food lovers.

It remains a nice idea to swap places for a short period of time, as has been happening for years at the Grand Gelinaz, or to work together in a different way. The nice thing about S. Pellegrino® Destination Dining is that it fits in perfectly within this period, the chefs create each other’s dishes. I imagine that you could taste vegetable dishes from Alain Passard at a restaurant of a chef in the Netherlands. Many foodies must be enthusiastic about that, right? You can also do this locally like the 010/020 dinners, get your local press involved and create a buzz. ^Marjolein

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The second edition of S. Pellegrino® Destination Dining | Partnering with restaurant in the US and Latin America

S.Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water’s Destination Dining program returns this fall, partnering with restaurants across the U.S. and Latin America to connect communities through culinary cultural immersion, one dish at a time. Now in its second installment, S.Pellegrino® Destination Dining will kick off with a pair of world-renowned restaurants trading quintessential dishes each week, extending travel possibilities via locally served bites. A multi-city culinary exchange, Destination Dining allows diners to experience dishes from miles away, while also supporting their neighborhood restaurants. The dishes will be available at each participating restaurant for one week for in-person dining, takeout or delivery (as available at each restaurant).

“Destination dining is my constant. I love having people search us out and discover our passions, but most of all, it takes you to areas out of your comfort zone,” said Chef Michelle Bernstein, Café La Trova in Miami. “I’ve always found people to change and expect the unexpected when they leave their own ‘backyard’ so to speak. We bring them into our world and give them something new, fun and delicious!”

In an effort to continue the brand’s longstanding commitment to supporting the culinary community, S.Pellegrino is encouraging consumers to support their local restaurants by dining out and enjoying a new type of cuisine or notable dish from another city. “Even as travel resumes, people are craving unique dining and cultural experiences in their hometowns and in everyday life,” said Filippo Mazzaia, Senior Market Development Manager for S.Pellegrino. “With Destination Dining, food lovers can explore iconic dishes from other communities, helping to rediscover the importance of togetherness and appreciating one another’s heritage, while also supporting their favorite local restaurants.”

Who is going to participate in the U.S. and Latin America?

Destination Dining kicks off with swaps between prominent restaurants in Miami and Latin America — a new pairing will take place each week throughout August, beginning on the 13th — followed by exchanges in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles throughout September and October. Restaurant Lineup To-Date:

August 13 – 20 – Chef Michelle Bernstein of Café La Trova (Miami) x Chef Tomas Kalika of Mishiguene (Argentina)

August 20 – 27 – Chef Nando and Valerie Chang of Itamae (Miami) x Chef Mario Castrellon of Maito (Panama)

August 27 – September 3 – Chef Andrea Marchesin of Toscana Divino (Miami) x Chef Renzo Garibaldi of Osso (Perú)

September 3 – 10 – Chef Diego Oka of La Mar (Miami) x Chef Manoella Buffara of Manu (Brazil)

September 2021 – Chicago & James Beard Foundation chefs

October 2021 – New York & Los Angeles, Part II. Additional restaurants will be announced in the coming weeks.

How to Order

Guests in participating cities can book reservations or order takeout or delivery by visiting each partner restaurant’s website. The signature dishes that are part of the culinary exchange will be available to order off the menu during each restaurant’s scheduled weeklong swap. Each special menu item will also include a complimentary 750mL bottle of S.Pellegrino® Sparking Natural Mineral Water. For more information, visit the website of Destination Dining or follow S.Pellegrino on Instagram and Twitter.

If you’re not based in the participating cities, don’t worry, you won’t miss out on the action for long. S.Pellegrino plans to expand Destination Dining out to other U.S. cities in the future and we plan to bring you the recipes at Fine Dining Lovers, so even if you can’t take part, you can still taste. You can also tell S.Pellegrino which cities you want to swap next on Instagram and Twitter – using the hashtags #SupportRestaurants and #SPDestinationDining.

Website: San Pellegrino

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