International debut 010/020 dinners | Chefs and sommeliers from Amsterdam and Rotterdam to New York


The leading American culinary institute, the James Beard Foundation, invited Amsterdams’ and Rotterdams’ gastronomic top talents to serve a showcase of Dutch metropolitan gastronomy in New York. After five successful editions in the Netherlands, the special concept of 010/020 dinners, in which Amsterdam and Rotterdam restaurants cook together, takes the step abroad. Cooking will take place at the James Beard House on October 24 2018 , but on September 9 you are able to try some of the dishes at Kaagman and Kortekaas at their fundraiser dinner.

010/020 | Cooking in the culinary institute of America

The deputies, Choux, Kaagman en Kortekaas, Vermeer, Aloha and Dertien will be cooking at the legendary James Beard House on 24 October, the holy grail for chefs in the US and the top of the New York dining scene.

The James Beard Foundation has been a driving force for gastronomic developments in the United States for more than 30 years, “to celebrate, nurture, and honor leaders and other leaders in America’s food culture more delicious, diverse, and sustainable for everyone”. Every year the foundation awards the prestigious James Beard Awards, which are seen as the Oscars of the food world in America.

010/020 always invites restaurants that are currently in the ‘eye of the storm’ of gastronomic developments, from low-threshold brasseries to Michelin-starred businesses. It is precisely in this context that the concept of 010/020 fits in with the mission of the James Beard Foundation, which tries to support diversity and quality across the entire breadth of the restaurant and food world.

Test run | Fundraiser event on 9 September

This 010/020 dinner is the time to impress, to get the best out of the day in New York it is important that the team can sleep well, get inspiration and learn from other chefs and above all, order the best products and wine or take the products with them to the place where all chefs meet in NYC. That’s why they organised a trial dinner which led to a fundraiser or supporters dinner. All cocktails from this dinner on September 9 at Kaagman and Kortekaas are invested in the New York adventure.

About 010/020 dinners

010/020 dinners started in 2016 by organizer Guus Thijssen van Guustronomie at the invitation of Pepijn Schmeink from restaurant Dertien in Rotterdam. Participants in music editions from 010/020 included BAK, Brand & Levie and Pendergast from Amsterdam and Lux, Lof der Zoetheid and De Jong from Rotterdam.

010/020 dinners is a recurring event that encourages fraternization between restaurants from Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Six to ten restaurants from Amsterdam and Rotterdam take care of the changing composition, with a different theme, and a dinner in another restaurant in one of the two cities. The 010/020 dinner consciously plays with the tension that normally seems to prevail between the two cities, because this is not the case at all in the kitchens. The chefs like to cook together and the sommeliers let each other taste wines. That is why we bring them together, not only to have a nice day with each other but also to bring them together in cooking and serving. In the future, this will ensure that new ideas and challenges are introduced.

During a 010/020 dinner a different composition of restaurants works together once, to create an unique evening. This gives food lovers from both cities the opportunity to try food from all participating restaurants at once, from brasseries to restaurants with Michelin stars. We bring them together for foodies who want to experience what is going on at the moment in the cities and for the regular guests of the participating restaurants.

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