Royal Spelt starts first 100% organic bitterballen and kroketten factory


  • The Dutch delicacy bitterballen - vegan from Royal SpeltThe Dutch delicacy bitterballen - vegan from Royal Spelt
  • Cheese kroketten from Royal SpeltCheese kroketten from Royal Spelt
  • Groentekroketten van Royal SpeltGroentekroketten van Royal Spelt
  • oyster mushroom bitterbal - Royal Speltoyster mushroom bitterbal - Royal Spelt
  • Seaweed bitterballen - Royal SpeltSeaweed bitterballen - Royal Spelt
  • Vegatables parmesan mini kroketten - Royal SpeltVegatables parmesan mini kroketten - Royal Spelt

Royal Spelt has opened the first 100% organic bitterballen and kroketten factory in Nieuwegein in the Netherlands in mid-May 2022. Owners Fabienne Muller and Michael Kapoen started this factory to have full control over the production. The reason for this was the control over of the entire production process. Royal Spelt draws stock from fresh vegetables and herbs instead of stock grains or powder. In its own factory, Royal Spelt can take all the time needed for the cooking process of the spelt ragout (salpicon) and the recipe remains a (family) secret.

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35% more demand for vegan/vegetarian

By opening this factory, Royal Spelt is responding to the increasing demand for vegetarian/vegan and sustainable snacks in the hospitality industry. Compared to the period before Corona, the company is selling 35% more vegan/vegetarian bitterballs and croquettes. “We notice that hospitality entrepreneurs find it increasingly important to distinguish themselves with their bitterballs and snacks. They increasingly opt for honest, pure and sustainable products. In our production process, we pay extra attention and time to drawing the fresh stock and cooking the ragout. You can smell and taste this,” says Michael Kapoen.

Completely Veggie & Organic

Because of this development, we have decided to offer our assortment entirely Veggie. So only Vegetarian (vega) and Vegan (vegan) in short: Veggie! In this way, Royal Spelt is responding to the increasing demand from critical customers.

Royal Spelt uses 6 unshakeable principles

  1. Organic, pure & honest;
  2. Traditional broth from fresh vegetables and herbs;
  3. Best quality and very flavourful due to rich filling;
  4. Veggie
  5. 100% spelt
  6. Free of colouring, aroma and flavouring.

Assortment of the 100% organic bitterballen and kroketten factory

Royal Spelt has the most extensive organic assortment in the Netherlands in bitterballs and croquettes. These are the current flavors:

  • Vegetable (vegan)
  • Vegetable/Parmesan (vega, with vega curdled cheese)
  • Jersey cheese (vega)
  • Oyster mushroom (vegan )
  • Coming soon: Seaweed (vegan)

Royal Spelt is SKAL certified

ALL snacks of Royal Spelt are SKAL certified. They supply to the catering industry throughout the Netherlands.

About Royal Spelt

Royal Spelt started in 2015 and was founded from a need for honest croquettes without wheat and artificial additives. Owner Michael Kapoen had not eaten a croquette for several years due to a wheat intolerance. He also started to dislike the artificial additives in croquettes. As a former chef, he started experimenting with the eko grain spelt. His spelt croquettes were so popular with friends and acquaintances that his wife encouraged him to start selling them to the catering industry. Michael produces and devises the recipes, Fabienne does the sales.

Below is a video of the process production of their oyster mushroom bitterball. We previously wrote about Royal Spelt and their vegan croquettes and bitterballs.



Website: Royal Spelt

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