Croquettes made of 100% organic spelt


An article about one of our Dutch prides, our ‘kroketten en bitterballen’ (croquettes and small croquettes). Royal Spelt created the first croquettes made of 100% organic spelt. Prepared with fresh herbs, vegetables and the best organic beef.

Royal Spelt makes croquettes made of 100% organic spelt

Royal Spelt wants to make the tastiest and best snacks in the Netherlands, made of 100% natural and organic ingredients and 100% spelt. Their slogan ‘Pure nature in a jacket of spelt’. Royal Spelt has chosen for the Eko-grain spelt, consisting of a mixture of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats. The Eko-grain spelt also has a high protein percentage and is rich in amino acids. In addition is the filling made of biological meat without artificial colors, flavors or fragrance and the salpicon is made with spelt flour.

Healthier snack

Okay, the croquette will still be fried, but for the group of people who consciously checks the ingredients of the products they eat, the croquette is a healthier alternative. The demand for organic and spelt products increases and as ‘organic snacks’, these croquettes are an addition for caterers, restaurants and snack bars.

Royal Spelt delivers their products to companies with a conscious mind for healthy but tasty food. The aim is to make the best and most responsible croquette of the Netherlands and develop more flavours.

Website: Royal Spelt

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