Rising Sun from De Leckere brewery | The new hazy IPA based on Kumquats


  • Rising Sun by De Leckere Brewery - credits MartinHols
  • Rising Sun by De Leckere Brewery - credits MartinHols

Disclaimer: this article is more interesting for Dutchies.

De Leckere brewery from Utrecht in the Netherlands introduces its first summer special of this year, namely: Rising Sun, a Kumquat IPA. Their brewers have brewed a fresh new beer based on this special Vietnamese fruit. The Kumquat is an elongated orange that is eaten with the peel and all. The skin has a sweet taste and the flesh has a fresh sour taste. In addition, the kumquat contains special bitter notes. Ideal for beer.

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Rising Sun | A hazy IPA from De Leckere brewery

Brewer Yourian Kohnke about Rising Sun, the new hazy IPA: “I am so proud of this beer. The taste turned out very well, but above all exciting. Taste description: Fruity IPA due to heavy dry hopping and a decent dose of fresh Kumquat. A nice balance of hops, bitter and a little sweet. The citra, cascade and kumquats give a wonderful experience of citrus with notes of mandarin and orange fruits”. Watch the making of: (text continues below the video)

Brewery De Leckere brews beers for lively Dutch people who want to make ‘lecker’ (translated as great taste) different every day. Real go-getters who seize the day and enjoy life. People who go for it and want to celebrate life together with others. Like De Leckere, they make conscious choices and are different.

Website: De Leckere Brewery

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