Restaurant Gaggan in Bangkok | Serves a 25-course emoji menu


Restaurant Gaggan in Bangkok serves a 25-course emoji menu. On the menu each of the 25 emojis represents a dish. You can already guess what will be included in the dish, but it’s still funny to talk with your table companions what each emoji will represent. Are you in Bangkok or planning to visit Bangkok soon and do you like to visit fancy restaurants? Experience a dinner at restaurant Gaggan, a ‘must visit’ for foodies!

The 25-course emoji menu at restaurant Gaggan in Bangkok

Since 16 January Restaurant Gaggan in Bangkok serves a 25-course menu with literally a list of 25 emoji’s printed on transparent paper. After all 25 dishes are served a waiter presents you a text version of the menu so you can exactly see what you ate, by placing the text version of the menu under the transparent paper. For 4,000 Thai baht per person (approximately $115) you can try these dishes.

Restaurant Gaggan | For three years in a row ‘The Best Restaurant in Asia’

Indian molecular restaurant Gaggan is this year (again) ‘The Best Restaurant in Asia’. The continuous developments and creative use of ingredients makes this restaurant popular. In the past owner Gaggan Anand was part of El Bulli’s research team, since 2010 he uses his creativity in his own restaurant.

The video above shows you how they cook at restaurant Gaggan. On Gaggan’s Instagram page we spotted an example of the emoji menu.

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