Restaurant Day: open your own restaurant for one day


Schedule the date in your agenda and be a chef for one day during Restaurant Day. This food festival takes place at the 21st of May and is being organised by thousands of people worldwide who either open their restaurant for one day or visit one.

Restaurant Day

We wrote about Restaurant Day before when the food festival started in 2011 in Helsinki. In Helsinki the food festival takes place four times a year. The restaurants can open everywhere and the idea is to have fun, share new food experiences and enjoy new company. Most of the pop-up restaurants can be found in Finland. However, the “one day”-restaurants van be found all over the world during the event.

Want to be a chef for one day?

For those who love to cook at home this is the time to show others what you got. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. These are the steps you should follow when opening your own pop-up restaurant.
1. Choose your location! The sun normally shines in May, so opening your pop-up in a park or yard isn’t a bad idea.
2. What is the concept going to be? Fancy an 8-course dinner, steaks from the grill or do you prefer Mediterranean tapas? This a day where you can show your creativity.
3. Register yourself on the website and make up a name. Now it’s time to reach out for potential guests. Make use of Social Media!
4. Try to find some friends who are willing to help you during the day. The more people, the more fun!
5. Think about all the preparations you need to do. Do you have enough space to receive the guests? How do you keep the food on the right temperature? Do you have enough crockery?
6. Enjoy the day!

Having dinner at one of the restaurants at Restaurant Day

If you don’t feel like cooking at the 21st of May check out the website to find “one day”-restaurants nearby you!

Website: Restaurant Day

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