Pulled Wheats | Meatless stew on the menu at Ellis


  • Sizzling casserole met pulled wheats bij EllisSizzling casserole met pulled wheats bij Ellis
  • Sizzling casserole en Vegan Moulleux bij EllisSizzling casserole en Vegan Moulleux bij Ellis

At the restaurant chain Ellis in Belgium they know that the plant-based future is sizzling hot and they know how to be (plant)friendly to our planet. Whoever thought it stopped at the beyond burger was wrong, because pulled wheats are going way beyond that beyond burger as the newest all-vegetable meat substitute in their offerings.

Starting this week, Ellis is serving the sizzling casserole in all of its locations: a brand new vegan dish in which the revolutionary meat substitute ‘pulled wheats’ plays the starring role. 

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Sizzling casserole with pulled wheats on the menu at Ellis  

If you order a sizzling casserole with pulled wheats in all Belgian restaurants of Ellis from this week onwards, you will taste what innovation tastes like. Ellis is in fact the very first restaurant chain to launch these pulled wheats on the Belgian market. The company makes a point of being innovative as a concept and succeeds year after year by observing trends around the world, such as the Scandinavian countries where the vegan trend is already much more prominent than in Belgium.

Pulled wh(e)at?!

Grains have been on the rise in the meat replacement segment for a while now. This new product is an innovative wheat-based meat substitute, and is in the same line as pulled oats, a similar oat-based product developed in Scandinavia. On the ingredients list? Proteins pulled from wheat and peas. These are then rehydrated, and then pulled apart into large chunks. Hence the name: pulled wheat. This variant with wheat had Ellis never seen – at least in Belgium.

Because of the chunk effect and surprising bite, the texture resembles that of real meat, but don’t be fooled: in this stew you will only find red wine, vegan broth, mushrooms, onion, bay leaf, potato and pickle. No trace of real meat, although it is nice to know that pulled wheat contains as much protein as beef. It is also a natural source of iron and B12.

Vegan moelleux | Everyone’s favorite 

Fancy a dessert? Ellis offers you the perfect vegan dessert: an oowy-goowy chocolate moelleux. The classic that everyone likes, even vegans, because this dessert is completely plant-based.

Ellis wants everyone to enjoy their dishes: “We don’t intend to become a completely plant-based concept, but strongly believe in flexitarianism. In addition to our meat products, we would like to offer quality products that will be enjoyed by everyone, including non-meat eaters.”

This is Ellis!

Their slogan for years was “Who the f*ck is Ellis!”,  after 10 years the brand knew well enough who they were to roll out a completely new concept. This included not only changes to the menu, but also a completely revamped corporate identity, a name change from Ellis Gourmet Burger to “just” Ellis and a new logo. If you were to ask them now who the f*ck Ellis is, the answer is clear: a food brand that is committed to meat and plant-based rock & roll and radiates this identity in all its establishments. That’s Ellis, with 15 outlets in Belgium and 4 in the Netherlands.

Website: Restaurant chain Ellis

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