Postillion Hotels invests in DISC analysis to create strong teams


  • Postillion Hotels uses the DISC-analysis of MapsTell in their job application processPostillion Hotels uses the DISC-analysis of MapsTell in their job application process

As of January 1st, Postillion Hotels has expanded the application process with the DISC analysis. This personality analysis charts people’s behavior and presents the results in an interactive way. The hotel chain wants to select from the start on the behavior of future employees in order to put together more diverse teams. That’s why the company has chosen to make MapsTell’s DISC analysis part of the first round of every application. With this investment in the application process, Postillion Hotels expects to be able to assess even better whether applicants are suitable for vacancies and whether the personality style complements the other personalities within the teams.

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Strong teams

The DISC analysis provides insight into the behavior of future employees. Many employers presently select on certain characteristics. The great advantage of the DISC method is that it gives an indication of how an applicant behaves in a team. Erik-Jan Ginjaar, General Manager of Postillion Hotels: “The functioning of a team determines the success of a department and research shows that diverse teams perform better. We tend to give preference in the selection process to characteristics that you recognize from yourself or within the team. The trick is to select people with qualities that the team still lacks.” We previously wrote about ‘Working at Postillion Hotels’.

Right place

Postillion Hotels can place the right people in the right place in the right team with the help of the DISC analysis. This way, Postillion Hotels wants to optimize the functioning of the teams and create a working environment in which employees can be themselves. Ginjaar: “We don’t just want to attract good employees, we want to retain them. This requires a working environment and a team in which there is room for different qualities and personalities. This way employees feel at home and remain intrinsically motivated on the work floor. I see this addition to the application procedure truly as the basis for a happy employment relationship between the new employee and the employer Postillion Hotels. In addition, the test has value for the applicant, regardless of whether it leads to a job at Postillion Hotels. After all, he or she gains insight in one’s own preferred style of behavior – that in itself is valuable.”

DISC analysis model from MapsTell

The DISC model is based on four personality styles: dominant (D), influential (I), stable (S) and conscientious (C). A series of questions tests how an applicant scores on two axes: fast pace – easy pace and task-oriented – people-oriented. Based on that score, the applicant is classified into one or more personality styles. MapsTell has enriched the DISC model by adding an extra layer: the World of Difference. The axes are laid out over a map, where cities, mountains and rivers further deepen the personality styles. In this way MapsTell offers an interactive alternative to long reports about the differences within the personality styles.

Website: Postillion Hotels & MapsTell

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