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Postillion Hotels pays off the student debt of their employees with 2.50 euros per worked hour. This repayment is in addition to the regular salary of the employees. With this initiative, the hotel chain hopes to be able to take away some financial struggles so there is more room for growth and development. The initiative is the result of a graduation project by students of Hotel Management School Maastricht.

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Postillion Hotels as employer

Postillion Hotels is known for being an employer where young, ambitious employees get a chance to grow. A big part of the employees has started at Postillion Hotels and have grown in different jobs here.  “You will really get the opportunity to make your ambitious come true if you work for us,” says general manager Erik-Jan Ginjaar. “Also at a young age. We stimulate the entrepreneurial mentality of all our people, by letting them take as much control as possible over their own work and help them to develop.”

Extra redemption in addition to the regular salary

A student debt can have consequences for the future, realizes Ginjaar. “And brings along a stress. We understand that. To let our people live and work as carefree as possible, we therefore offer them this extra employment condition; an addition to the regular salary that can get as high as up to 5,000 euros per year.”

Attention with Impact

The slogan of Postillion Hotels is ‘Attention with Impact’. “That means that we have genuine attention for our guests, but also for our employees. After all, they are the ones that have to make our promises come true every day. We create a safe, inspiring and fun working climate for our people, so they can be themselves and grow into who they want to become. This extra working condition is a seamless addition to that.”

About Postillion Hotels

Postillion Hotels is a Dutch hotel chain with branches in Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Bunnik, Rotterdam, Amersfoort Veluwemeer, Arnhem, Deventer and Dordrecht. The hotel chain primarily focusses on the meeting- and congress branch. With the  Meet Work Stay-concept, The chain meets all the needs of the modern day business traveler. Meet Work Stay is a total concept in which meetings, work and stays form an integrated formula. In the business operations of the chain, innovation and exploration of new opportunities in the market are an important point of attention.

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Website: Postillion Hotels

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