Poptail = popsicle + cocktail


March last year we wrote about a new twist to the cocktail at the Sky Bar, Bangkok’s highest rooftop bar at the Lebua State Tower hotel. Poptails are premium classic cocktails paired with brain-freezing popsicles. It’s kind of maths: Poptail = popsicle + cocktail. This was the first time we spotted the poptail. Tasting Table now published a recipe for Strawberry Sangria Ice Pop Cocktails…. Created by People’s Pops.

Poptail or a Sangria Ice Pop Cocktail

In the beginning of this summer we wrote an article about wine in which we mentioned wine slushies. A lot of combinations we don’t particularly like to try but we did with the Sangria Ice Pop Cocktail, created by People’s Pops! We created a popsicle full of summer fruits like strawberries, peach, kiwi, raspberries and orange jus and combined it with rosé wine and white wine. And we loved it! A great new festive way of presenting Sangria. Tip: try it with cava and let us know how this tasted!

Check out the recipe from People’s Pops at Tasting Table.

We made the poptail in the pictures: sugar syrup; freshly squeezed orange jus; strawberries; kiwi; peaches and raspberries – and white wine or rosé.

Or even better: create your own Sangria with your own popsicle!

Bron: Tasting Table

Website: Peoplespops

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