Plentea | Trendy tea bar


Plentea is a new, trendy cocktail tea bar in Toronto, Canada. Guests can enjoy a good cup of tea, made by professional ‘teatenders’. After a cup of tea you will walk out of the shop completely relaxed and good humoured.


The interior of Plentea is the well-known recipe, industrial cabinets and lamps, vintage design furniture and an unfinished wall. The ‘teatenders’ brew each cup with herbs which they dispense from large containers hanging on the wall. This gives the bar a cocktail-like appearance. Compared to many other tea bars, the tea is fully prepared fresh. Depending on the temper, mindset and feeling of the guest, the tea is combined with other flavours and spices. Another feature is the ‘teapresso’ machine, it looks like an espresso machine, but presses hot water through tea, rather than ground beans.

We already wrote about Han Ting Cuisine before where guests can order a tea menu here during their dinner.

Bron: Trendhunter

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