Pika Fest | New hot sauce festival on June 25


  • Pika Fest - hot sauce festivalPika Fest - hot sauce festival
  • Pika Fest - hot sauce festivalPika Fest - hot sauce festival
  • Pika Fest at Six and SonsPika Fest at Six and Sons

Amsterdam has the first edition of Pika Fest on June 25th! A new free, sustainable and community driven hot sauce event featuring local hot sauce producers. Pika Fest welcomes heat seekers from Amsterdam and around the world to celebrate the ‘pikante’ way of life all together with Pika Fest. Enjoying hot sauce, snacks, music and drinks.

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Pika Fest

Pika Fest features product tastings by heat producers Chilli Chan’s, Herbano, Sooo Kimchi and Pika Hotstuff. Local brands in the hot sauce community with a keen eye for sustainability. Eyan Chan of Chilli Chans: ‘We produce homemade Crispy Chilli Oil. It’s 100% natural, gluten-free, vegan and seriously addictive!’. Andres Jara of Herbano: ‘At Herbano we share those values. Creating impact has never tasted so good. That’s why we strongly believe in local businesses. We even have a plantation where we grow our own hot peppers right here in the city of Amsterdam.’

Location Six and Sons

Pika Fest will take place on Saturday, June 25th. From 2 till 6 pm at Six and Sons, Haarlemmerdijk 31 Amsterdam and the entrance is free. Six and Sons is a platform and store for sustainable brands located in the famous Jordaan neighbourhood, in the heart of Amsterdam. Ilona Taillade, cofounder of Six and Sons: ‘Pika Fest is a unique opportunity to get to know your local hot sauce producers and to taste them for yourselves. These local eco-conscious use natural, quality ingredients to create their own unique sauces and are made in small batches. They are not just creating fabulous sauces, they are sustainable and consider their carbon footprint.’

Quench the heat with a mocktail by Lyre’s

During Pika Fest you can enjoy (or quench) the heat while sipping on a mock-tail by non-alcoholic drinks company Lyre’s and grooving to the beats of DJ Jasper Drummen. ‘If you like hot sauce and good times this is the place to be. You can get to know artisanal heat producers while mingling with new and old friends’, says Folkert Tempelman of Pika Hotstuff. He adds: ‘And the best part is that the entrance is free for everybody. So come join the party and share the heat’.

In April this year we spotted the Shit Hot Festival, also in Amsterdam. 

Website: Pika Hotstuff, Herbano,  Chilli Chan's

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