First edition SHIT HOT FEST sets Amsterdam ‘on fire’ on April 9 and 10


  • SHIT HOT FEST bij Deus CantinaSHIT HOT FEST bij Deus Cantina
  • SHIT HOT FEST bij Deus CantinaSHIT HOT FEST bij Deus Cantina
  • SHIT HOT FEST bij Deus CantinaSHIT HOT FEST bij Deus Cantina
  • SHIT HOT FEST bij Deus CantinaSHIT HOT FEST bij Deus Cantina
  • SHIT HOT FEST bij Deus CantinaSHIT HOT FEST bij Deus Cantina
  • SHIT HOT FEST bij Deus CantinaSHIT HOT FEST bij Deus Cantina

International hot sauce makers and pepper fans flock to Deus Cantina for the hottest event of the year. Amsterdam’s Deus Cantina restaurant will transform into a temple of hotness on April 9 and 10 during the first-ever edition of the SHIT HOT FEST. 16 international hot sauce makers, pepper fans and spice lovers will come together at the hottest culinary event of the year. ‘At the SHIT HOT FEST, the pepper takes the stage. You’ll meet the world’s best hot sauce makers and taste what makes spicy cuisine so hot. But: at this FEST it’s also mainly about fun,’ says Neil Roake, co-organizer of the event (and co-founder T-Rex Sauces).

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Festival vibes for the SHIT HOT FEST

Food festivals come in all shapes and sizes. But an event dedicated to pepper and hot sauce is new: ‘Abroad, the market for hot food is much hotter than in the Netherlands. And we – Deus Cantina and T-Rex Sauces – are going to change that,’ says Neil. Together with his partner Frank Dekker (co-founder of T-Rex Sauces and chef Deus Cantina) and Chris Bron, (restaurant manager Deus Cantina) he came up with the SHIT HOT FEST, that will put the Amsterdam Herengracht ‘on fire’ on April 9 and 10 and can be visited by anyone who is in for a spicy weekend.

This year’s hottest festival takes place at Deus Cantina

During the SHIT HOT FEST, guests can order from a special Chilli Menu anywhere in the Deus Cantina and on the terrace. So even if you don’t have a ticket for the event, you can still sink your teeth into a Flaming Burger’, Chris Bron says. With a ticket, guests can dip tacos, share homemade corn tortillas or crack open oysters at the T-Rex Mother Shucker Bar.

Cider Face Bar | Hot Chili eating competition 

At the Cooling Down Station (by Fountain of Youth) and the Cider Bar – hosted by The Travelling Nut – you can to go refresh. Here you will quench your taste buds with ciders from the Netherlands, the Basque Country, Galicia (Spain), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Brittany (France).

On Saturday 9 April the ultimate sh*t hot test is on the programme: the hot chilli eating competition. Participants will compete against each other and eat the hottest chillies available. Those who pass the challenge will win a limited edition sh*t hot toilet seat and eternal fame.

The hot sauce makers and partners who will be flaming during SHIT HOT FEST are:

Portugal >> Temperus, Senhor Rito, O Petiska

Netherlands >> Lil’ Salsa (by A Different Story), Sweet Heat Hot Honey, Original Sinners, T-Rex Sauces, Herbano (Roots, Rice & Beans), Charlie’s Fresh, Pika Hot Stuff, Chilli Chan’s, Hush Hush Hot Sauce, Oh Na Mi Kimchi, BAIN Brewing

Italy >> Curtice Brothers

Belgium >> Swet

Available at the Hot Sauce Shop: Crazy Bastard (Berlin), Happy Hatters (Aarschot, Belgium), Ferment Island (Gozo, Malta), Onima (Barcelona) and Saucy Dans (Amsterdam). Ciders served at the Cider Bar: Decideret Cider (Copenhagen), Kupela Basque Cider (Basque Country), Cidre Kern (Brittany), Maeloc (Galicia). Cooling down at the two “cooling stations”: Fountain of Youth Coconut Water (Berlin) and frozen Margaritas by Amsterdam-based LALA Tequila.

Information & tickets For more information see Deus Cantina’s   and SHIT HOT FEST’s Instagram and Deus Amsterdam’s website. Tickets cost €10 and can be purchased on EventBrite. ‘A ticket includes tortilla chips (for hot sauce tastings), 15% off all Deus Cantina purchases, and ‘some sh*it hot fun’.’ On both days, the event is open from 12:00pm-16:00pm.

Website: Deus Cantina

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