Pickled Fred in Shoreditch | Pickles and ferments are hot


Opened this August: Pickled Fred in Shoreditch London. A brand new bar and restaurant with a focus on pickles and ferments. The food menu is Asian-inspired and is made up of snacks, small plates and flatbreads and they have an innovative cocktail menu.

On the menu at Pickled Fred

The Asian-inspired food menu at Pickled Fred includes dishes like a Jackfruit Scotch Egg with masala mayonnaise, grilled octopus with harissa chickpeas, pickled red onions and preserved lemon, and Beef Shin & Bone Marrow Rendang with pickled red chillies and crispy shallots. We know that lots of chefs use the process of fermenting to create special sauces or vegetables, in Amsterdam we spotted ‘Spingaren tasting room & restaurant’ this July. It started as ‘grab and go’ this January and has recently opened its restaurant doors where they also sell charcuterie artisanal, pickles and ferment vegetables and fish. At Pickled Fred they have a cocktail menu featuring ‘Fred’s Preserver’ and a ‘Smoking Goat’. Doesn’t those names make you curious? At the source of our article you can read the ingredients! Pickled Fred is located at 61 Hanbury Street.

Shoreditch and Haggerston

Last July we visited Shoreditch and enjoyed the laid back atmosphere in this part of London. Lots of new restaurants with all kinds of influences. We ate at the new Nobu location and we spotted amongst others the Arancini Brothers (‘We make Risotto Balls’) there. I really don’t understand why Arancini isn’t on every Italian menu, especially in the Netherlands where we love ‘bitterballen’. We ate at MORITO Hackney Road in the nearby neighborhood Haggerston, here the menu is influenced from Southern Spain, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean. Lots of simple dishes with great taste. And now we read that ‘Pickled Fred’ has opened its doors in August. Makes us wanna go back and stay longer! If you’re going to London these neighborhoods are a must visit area! ^Marjolein

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Website: Pickled Fred

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