Pathé is opening 4D cinema’s in the Netherlands


Pathé Cinemas will open a 4D cinema in the Netherlands. Visiting a 4D cinema means you’ll not only watch a movie as a visitor but also experience it. Moving chairs and effects like wind, bubbles and odor result in an unbelievable experience in perfect harmony with the on-screen action.

4D cinema

The location of the new 4D cinema of Pathé is still unknown, what we do know is that the cinema will open in 2018 and more locations will follow. After recent openings in Norway and France we wrote an article about the cinema’s earlier this year. A small refresh, what are 4D cinema’s?

During the movie, physical effects will be synchronized with the movie. In the Netherlands there are  currently two small 4D-cinemas. There’s one at amusement park the ‘Efteling’ and chances are you’ve watched a 4D-movie in ‘Dolfinarium’ (Europe’s largest marine mammal park).

4DX South-Korea

Pathé uses the technique of the South-Korean company 4DX. They want the experience of watching a movie to become more realistic. Besides shaking seats, visitors will also experience wind, water, smoke, thunder, fragrances and mist while watching a movie. You may even see some snowflakes. All these effects are synchronized with the movie, when it starts to rain in the movie, you will become wet. If a building is on fire, you experience a burning smell.

By the way, not every movie has the possibility to be broadcasted in 4D. A movie that is currently running in Paris is the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’. You better hope that the ship won’t sink, otherwise it may be a very wet night out!

Website: Pathé

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