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Recently two 4D-cinemas opened in France and Norway. Watching movies at these cinemas will become even more exciting. During the movie, physical effects will be synchronized with the movie. In the Netherlands we currently have two small 4D-cinemas. There’s one at amusement park the ‘Efteling’ and chances are you’ve watched a 4D-movie in ‘Dolfinarium’ (Europe’s largest marine mammal park).

Water, wind, thunder and snow

It might feel a bit uncomfortable when you’re about to sit with a bowl of popcorn and out of the blue the seats are shaking. That is exactly what the South-Korean company 4DX with its 4D-cinemas want to achieve. Watching a movie should become more realistic. Besides shaking seats, visitors will also experience wind, water, smoke, thunder, fragrances and mist while watching a movie. You may even see some snowflakes. All these effects are synchronized with the movie, when it starts to rain in the movie, you will become wet. If a building is on fire, you experience a burning smell.

4D-cinemas in the Netherlands

Those who have been to the ‘Efteling and ‘Dolfinarium’ as a child might recognize the 4D-cinemas. They both have attractions which involves movies with 4D effects. The ‘Pandadroom’ in the Efteling for example. The ‘Pandadroom’ was built together with the Dutch World Wide Fund For Nature (Wereld Natuur Fonds).

Unfortunately, we still have to wait for a ‘real’ 4D-cinema in the Netherlands. 4DX already has 49 4D-rooms in 16 European countries and even more in South-Korea and the rest of the world. The launch of a 4D-cinema in France could be the first step as this cinema is part of the Pathé-brand, the market leader in the Netherlands.

Bron: Bright

Website: 4DX

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