Pasta | From Donut alla Bolognese to spaghetti ice cream


  • Restaurante Contraste Milaan
  • Restaurant Intermezzo Ulvenhout

A year ago we ate at restaurant Contraste in Milan a truly delicious ‘Donut alla Bolognese’, a dish you won’t forget! The nice thing is that the dish puts you on the wrong track, only the resemblance in the   shape reminded me of a donut. You can do many things with pasta and in this article I have collected a number of examples. Now I have to admit that a number of ‘hip, trendy’ pasta dishes have been known for a long time, for example I used to make a ‘spaghetti alla Carbonara’- pie in my student days. And my student days have been behind me for several decades! On our Pinterest page we made an ‘Italian Inspiration’ wall with photos and videos of various trendy pasta dishes. What do you think of a ’30 feet long pasta strand’ or spaghetti served from a Parmigiano cheese wheel? Or spaghetti tacos, cupcakes or ‘rainbow spaghetti’? ^Marjolein

Donut alla Bolognese

Eaten at restaurant Contraste (* Michelin) in Milan. As you can see in the picture above it looks like a real donut. However, it is only the form that determines the name of the dish. The donut is made of pasta, served with a delicious Bolognese sauce. The restaurant is indeed a must visit if you’re visiting Milan, but I could not find out if the donut is still on the menu.

Spaghetti donuts, cupcakes, pies, ice cream and even ‘rainbow’ pasta

Spaghetti donuts are popular anyway, just Google it! There are a lot of professional dishes between the photos. It is, if served small, a nice appetizer for an Italian restaurant. But also pies and cupcakes are prepared, photographed and shared in all flavours, sizes and shapes through social media. Take a look at our Pinterest wall, Italian Inspiration and with the internet hype of ‘Instagrammable‘ foods served at restaurants, these are real opportunities for Italian restaurants! As far as I am concerned, you don’t have to serve me some ‘Rainbow spaghetti’. I hope that European Italian restaurants won’t copy this coloring addiction! What is fun for children: putting spaghetti through pieces of sausage and then cook it, looks good!

’30 feet of long pasta strand’| Miller’s Wife Pasta at ePasta in New York City

Last weekend I saw a Facebook video about this dish, ‘Miller’s Wife Pasta’ from ePasta in New York City. They serve a ’30 feet long pasta strand’ with an original tomato sauce and veal meatballs. Look at it, it looks very instagrammable when you’re eating it and it’s served including scissors. At ePasta they also serve a ‘pizza’ on a crust made of chicken, gluten-free!

Serving pasta from a Parmigiano cheese ‘wheel’

The first time I got pasta served from a Parmigiano cheese was in Germany and later in Italy and the USA. But it’s also served at the Italian restaurant Intermezzo in a small town in the South of the Netherlands, Ulvenhout. They serve a pasta with vegetables from such a Parmigiano wheel in the winter period. The dish is flambéed, the cheese grated and mixed through the pasta. Spectacular and delicious! Above an image from Intermezzo but you will also find them at our Pinterest wall, or watch this video.

Savory ‘pasta di cacao’

I have seen some recipes in the last couple of years, savory ‘pasta di Cacao’. The recipe that appeals  me is the savory ‘pasta di cacao’ combined with hazelnuts (did you ever taste the hazelnuts or Nicciola from Piedmont, they are really very tasty)  and an Alfredo-like sauce with fresh Pecorino Romano shaved over it. Photos? Look at Pinterest!

Pasta served in Tacos from Parmigiano cheese

Recipes can be found everywhere and serving a taco filled with a spaghetti Carbonara or Bolognese is something else than scattering Parmesan cheese over these dishes! Photos on Pinterest.

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