Party time at restaurant Hudson because of the opening of the terrace season!


With a mini festival with BBQ, drinks, music and a minimarket restaurant Hudson, situated in the city of Zoetermeer, celebrates the start of the outdoor season on Sunday, June 5th. During a Sunday Roast their chef, along with food bloggers Nick van Domburg and Denise Pronk, give an exciting BBQ twist to the signature dishes of restaurant Hudson.

The 5th of June: terrace time at restaurant Hudson

Restaurant Hudson organizes the festival in honour of their new terrace, which is also an excellent spot to relax at less beautiful summer days, due to the new roof and heaters. To celebrate the new terrace, Hudson organizes a free mini festival where guests can shop, eat and drink while the kids get their face painted and enjoy themselves on a bouncy castle. At several booths the shopaholics can enjoy themselves, for example at the jewellery stand of Petra Reijrink, where handmade jewellery is for sale, inspired by travel and nature. A DJ provides nice Sunday afternoon beats. The event starts at 15:00 and lasts until 18:00.

Meet your favourite food blogger

During the summer party Hudson is organizing a BBQ with hamburgers and hot dogs. The Sunday Roast is served by two food bloggers from The Hague area, Nick Domburg and Denise Pronk, known for their blog 88Food. Nick will prepare exciting dishes on the BBQ together with the chef of the restaurant. This BBQ duo will recreate the Hudson’s signature beef burger, which will be just a little different than normal. But fans, don’t worry Hudson’s secret sauce remains!

Great idea: make a party of the opening of the terrace season!

We Dutch people love to grab a drink at a terrace with the first rays of sun! You can find us in our summer cloths in either our gardens or at a terrace, once the rain stops pouring and we reach a 18 degrees Celsius in the sun. But anyway the first days of sun are a party anyway so why not throw a big one? Create extra activities at your terrace and it will be the place to be for some time! It’s also convenient to invite food bloggers from your own environment, it provides an additional platform on social media. If you have a look at the number of followers (over 2400) on the food bloggers Nick and Denise, their instagram you know, you reach many additional visitors. We have spotted more food bloggers pop up in kitchens of restaurants, recently in the Foodhallen in Amsterdam. New kind of ‘Meet & Greet’.

Website: Hudson Zoetermeer

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