Bloggers are taking over in ‘de Foodhallen’


  • bloggers are taking over
  • bloggers are taking over
  • bloggers are taking over
  • bloggers are taking over

Visitors of ‘De Foodhallen’ are able to get their food and drinks at pop-up foodstands on the 25th till the 29th of May. Everyday there will be a different famous Dutch foodblogger presenting their culinary food to visitors. The bloggers are taking over!

What can we expect from the bloggers taking over days?

This time there won’t be any receipt from the internet. The bloggers who are present these days are Pauline Weuring from Uit Pauline’s Keuken, Isabel Boerdam from De Hippe Vegetariër, Rick and Sander from the Dudes & Dont’s, Vanessa Dawson from Culinessa, Claartje Schröder from Foodness and Lisa Stel from Lisa Goes Vegan.

Wednesday, May 25 | Uit Pauline’s Keuken
Fans of Pauline can visit her to taste one of her favourite receipts; cheesefondue in bread with crudités. Simple, but tasty.

Thursday, May 26 | Dudes & Dont’s
The Dudes & Dont’s won a competition organized by the Foodhallen. The gentlemen will pamper the guests with a true Oreo treat. From Oreo’s with M&M or  Twix, fresh Oreo waffles, Oreo’s with Cheesecake or Oreo’s with brownies, you can expect it all!

Friday, May 27 | De Hippe Vegetariër
Isabel goes (of course) for vegetarian and will make her own Veggie Wrap Bar. You are able to choose between a green cabbage wrap with spring vegetables, a sweet and sour omelette wrap with Oriental filling or Mediterranean corn wrap with black beans and eggplant.

Saturday, May 28 | Culinessa
On Saturday there is a taco stand. Vanessa Culinessa goes ‘Taqueria for a day’. You can choose beef, chicken or a veggie version with beans. The meat comes from ‘Koop een Koe’ (buy a cow) and the Chicken from ‘Koop een Kip’ (buy a chicken). They also serve delicious spicy brownies to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Sunday 29 May | Foodness & Lisa Goes Vegan
On Sunday, two bloggers will be present, Claartje from Foodness and Lisa from Lisa hoes Vegan. On this day they make everyone happy with a Smoothie Bowl Food Stand. Very healthy!


The Foodhallen in Amsterdam is the first “indoor food market in the Netherlands, where guests can enjoy good food and tasty drinks. The ‘Foodhallen’ is located in the former tram depot ‘De Hallen’ and is based on foodcourts such as Mercado de San Miguel (Madrid) and Borough Market (London).

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