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Holland’s majestic Parc Broekhuizen opens its doors to a series of unique culinary events, starting off this week. From this Friday till the 13th of March ‘Dinner at the Parc’ is organized. Ten Michelin starred chefs from all over the world will cook together with chef Marco Westmaas on the property of Parc Broekhuizen.

Dinner at the Parc

The list of chefs joining Marco Westmaas is impressive: Heinz Beck***, Paolo Casagrande***, Sven Elverfeld***, Jacob-Jan Boerma***, Martin Klein**, Moshik Roth**, Jannes Brevet**, Dieter Koschina**, Matteo Ferrantino en Ian Kittichaiare will cook their signature dishes during this gastronomic event. They do this together with chef Marco Westmaas, chef at Parc Broekhuizen. More than 150 unique wines will be presented by 34 different wineries worldwide.

A kitchen party is held on Monday the 13th of March, nine chefs will participate this evening to show their unique cooking style to the guests. The prices for Dinner at the Parc vary from € 95,- for a lunch to € 225,- for a dinner. All prices include Champagne and wine-pairing. Interested? Tickets are still available.

About Parc Broekhuizen

The authentic property Parc Broekhuizen reopened last year December after 2 years of renovation and includes a restaurant and highly segmented hotel. The restaurant is managed by chef Marco Westmaas and his team and operates under the name ‘Voltaire’. A second restaurant is scheduled to open in this year.

Website: Dinner at the Parc

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