Pancake Art


Barista’s could learn to manage new skills and become an expert on the pancake griddle as well. Pancake art is a new trend, spotted in Japan.

In the beginning of 2015 we’ve spotted the ‘PancakeBot’ that allows you to ‘print’ out pancakes into about any design you can imagine. Especially easy and fun for kids and a great gimmick at your breakfast buffet. But now there is another emerging trend: Pancake Art.

Pancake Art from Japan

In an article at, a couple of American celebrity chefs have been immortalized in pancakes. And the Italian restaurant ‘La Ricetta’, located in the city of Zama in Japan, is making high end pancake art as a part of their trademark. Although for the most part, La Ricetta seems to be committed to preparing classic Italian dishes in the traditional way. As their website is only in Japanese, check out their Twitter account for examples.


Who is going to be immortalized in pancake art in your country? Would guests want to pay for eating pancake art of their own pictures? It would be great to be able to serve real prince and princesses pancakes or famous iconic characters for the little guests of your restaurant. When will be the first pancake art competition next to the well-known barista competitions?

Website: Eater

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