The PancakeBot, 3-D printer for pancakes at your breakfast buffet!


The PancakeBot allows you to ‘print’ out pancakes into just about any design you can imagine. Especially easy and fun for kids! Great for at your breakfast buffet.

Inspiration: A PancakeBot at your breakfast buffet.

Wouldn’t it be great to serve pancakes with your logo for breakfast? Or the logo of a company visiting your hotel? You could also organize a drawing contest between your youngest guests and serve the drawing of the winner for breakfast. We think that you could make a lasting impression with the PancakeBot.

About the PancakeBot

Although designed to inspire, entertain, and to enjoy the creativity of the users, the PancakeBot also has a commercial durability, it can make your brand leave a lasting impression. The designer of the Pancakebot, Miguel Valenzuela, wanted to make a pancake machine out of LEGO for his two daughters but the PancakeBot evolved into a complete patent pending product capable of creating pancakes. Miguel Valenzuela is succesfully funding at Kickstarter at the moment.

How does it work?

The user-friendly software allows you to design your own pancake by tracing any image right on your computer. From your favorite piece of art or character, a child’s drawing, a product image or your company or team logo, the software creates the file and the PancakeBot does the rest. Once you have traced the image, the files can be stored on an SD card allowing you to print the designs you have created without having to re-trace the image. The PancakeBot uses a patent pending batter dispensing system to ‘print’ the batter onto the included griddle. By using a combination of compressed air and a vacuum, the PancakeBot controls where the batter is dispensed.

Website: Kickstarter

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