Opening this summer | the biggest London restaurant by the Big Mamma Group, Ave Mario


  • Ave Mario - the biggest London restaurant by Big Mamma

The traditional osteria Ave Mario is London’s new place to pizza, cocktails, and good times. This 7,000 square feet of Italian heaven by the Big Mamma Group will open on the 25th of June by an enthusiastic bunch of 120 Italians.

We first came across the Big Mamma Group in Paris, we even wrote about their enthusiastic use of Instagram Stories in 2017, the guys working at their restaurants we’re really Instagrammable. The Group now has 2 restaurants (soon 3 with Ave Mario) in London, Gloria and Circolo Popolare. In Paris they have 7 restaurants, 1 bar and 1 Food Market. They also have restaurants in Lille (Osteria tradizionale Bellazza), Lyon (Cucina popolare Carmelo) and Madrid (Trattoria & Terrazza Bel Mondo). This is a great restaurant chain to visit if you’re in the neighbourhood!  

The traditional osteria Ave Mario by the Big Mamma Group

Ave Mario will be opening in Covent Garden at 15 Henrietta Street (WC2E 8QG) and it will have 295 seats. The design is inspired by a perfect day in Firenze and their cheeky interpretation of a church. The latest opening from the Big Mamma team – which already created fun restaurant concepts Gloria and Circolo Popolare in London, and its delivery service Napoli Gang – will have three terraces, a bar, a natural indoor courtyard and a vast dining room. The latest will be lit by innumerable skylights with green and white Duomo-striped walls.  If you’re in the mood to party, take a trip downstairs to the 70s luxurious mirrored basement with lowered kitchen, and their first counter dining to watch those crazy pizzaiolos do their thing.

The young chef Andrea (23) will be taken the menu to a new level, he has drawn his inspiration from across the Italian boot, from Liguria to Venice to Milan. No big Mamma specials here although they also treasure their 180 artisan suppliers, like the fresh mozzarella di bufala by Salvatorre Corso and the Puglian burrata by Salvator Montrone. What to expect at the Ave Mario: indulgences like a carbonara ravioli (filled with pecorino cream, egg yolk and crispy guanciale flakes and a gigantic Cotoletta Milanese using high-welfare rose veal. Alongside two new Big Mamma originals, an incredible pizza dough invention using ‘Biga’, the traditional Italian baking technique, and dedicated dishes with the best caviar in Europe, Italian Baeri caviar from the Venetian Gavieri family. And for dessert, the second-to-none dolci will be served and includes a 60cm tall Stracciatella ice cream cake marbled with chocolate spread.

Website: Big Mamma Group

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