Old Amsterdam Food Tour Dinner


The Old Amsterdam Food Tour and restaurant MOES organize the ‘Golden Age Dinner’ with Marleen Willebrands on Sunday 23 November. A meal will be cooked at the basement of an old storehouse from 1646 according to original 17th century recipes. Because the dinner was served in the afternoon back then, the dinner will be served from 14.00-18.00 o’clock.

Stories from the Golden age

Between the courses stories are told about eating habits, table manners and the availability of food in the city back then. Culinary historicist and publicist Marleen Willebrands retrieved the recipes and will explain the background of old eating habits. Students of the department of old music from the conservatory will play music from that era.
Guests can enjoy oysters on entry, a Rillette appetizer of crab, Tersey with smelt, sweet chicken pie, salad with parsnips, Blancmange & roggebroodijs* *(Roggebroodijs is a rye bread ice cream – ever had rye bread ice cream before?!) and Hippocras with dragees.

Old Amsterdam habits

Because of old habits only a spoon will be provided, please bring your own knife. The stories will be in Dutch; however, the food, wine drinks and experience speak a universal language for all to enjoy.
Location: MOES, Prins Hendrikkade 142-sous
Date & time: Sunday 23 November 14.00-18.00 o’clock.

Bron: farmingthecity.net

Website: www.facebook.com/totmoes

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