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Xin Lu and Gilles Schepens are two young entrepreneurs from Belgium that want to conquer Europe with their Noodle Burger. By placing a tasty burger between two patties of crispy noodles with vegetables (cabbage and carrot) oriental style, coriander and a secret Asian sauce, they offer their guests a new hamburger product.

Their slogan: “It’s easy to find a burger, but what if you were looking for a Noodle Burger.” According to Gilles Schepens, there is nothing better than surprising someone with an unprecedented combination of flavours.

Noodle Burger | developed during their study

The Noodle Burger, a combination of Asian and Western cuisine, has been spotted at the other side of the Atlantic, but these young entrepreneurs will sell their Noodle Burgers to their guests in Belgium and Europe from a food truck. They are located near Antwerp, but are more than happy to visit other locations at all sorts of venues and parties.

The entrepreneurs came up with the idea of their Noodle Burger and created it at school and that participated in the ‘Start-up @ Campus 2015′ at the ‘Karel de Grote Hogeschool’ a college in Belgium. This is an entrepreneurial contest in which the winners will be assisted in setting up their own business. This way your study will be around the start-up of your own company. They were among the finalists and won a boot camp and a year of coaching by some teacher-entrepreneurs. We wish them a lot of success with their Noodle Burger.

Website: Noodle Burger

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