Nitro coffee | Kaldi brings it to the Netherlands


Nitro coffee is a refreshing beverage that perfectly matches with high summer temperatures. This ice cold beverage can be seen as alternative for soda’s, nitro coffee is describes as a coffee and a soda in one. Kaldi, coffee and tea specialty chain, will be serving this nitro coffee the upcoming summer at the location at the Herengracht in Amsterdam.

Nitro coffee | Draught coffee

Nitro coffee is a coffee with nitrogen. The end result is a cold coffee with bubbles. The ‘foamy’ coffee looks a bit like Guinness beer but without alcohol. The taste is bitter sweet with hints of chocolate and caramel.

Trend continues in the Netherlands

In America, the coffee is already popular for a longer time, but it’s not sold a lot in the Netherlands yet. Until this summer! During the Amsterdam Coffee Festival the coffee was seen as one of 2017’s most surprising trends. You can get a coffee as from Thursday 22nd of June onwards at the Kaldi location at the Herengracht 300 in Amsterdam.

Ice cream with liquid nitrogen

We’re spotting more and more products that are prepared with nitrogen. At Chin Chan Labs,  an ice cream parlor in London, they prepare ice cream with nitrogen. At Lekkernijs in the Netherlands they give you a mobile nitro-ice cream experience.

Website: Kaldi

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