Luxurious bed sheets by EKOCYCLE


Sheets from EKOCYCLE will be on the beds of W Hotels worldwide. EKOCYCLE is an initiative of musician and the Coca-Cola Company. The sheets are eco-friendly because they’re made from a kind of polyester that’s made out of recycled bottles.

Luxurious bed sheets partly made from recycled bottles

For each king-sized sheet approximately 31 plastic bottles are used. In total the sheets equals more than 268.000 plastic bottles. The polyester fiber rPet is used which basically is recycled plastic. The sheets remain as luxurious as the guests used to experience. But even guests can retrieve that feeling of being environmentally conscious and they won’t be able to tell the difference in comparison with the old sheets.

W Hotels and EKOCYCLE

W Hotels didn’t stop their partnership with lifestyle brand EKOCYCLE™ with just changing the sheets. Together they created the “Mobile Charger and Accessory Valet” (MCAV). A colorful portable USB charging device, valet, night light and alarm clock in one. The MCAV is available in a couple of colors and also partially created out of three recycled plastic bottles.

EKOCYCLE is a company owned by rapper and the Coca-Cola Company. Their tagline is ‘waste is only waste if we waste it’. The two partnered up after a Black Eyed Peas concert where an artist transformed all the plastic junk left behind into usable objects. Products from EKOCYCLE are available at Harrods and soon at the W Hotels shop as well.


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