Limited-edition Tortilla Chip Lager | Why not have your chips and drink them too?


  • Tortilla Chip Lager by Taco Works and Tio Rodrigo
  • Tortilla Chip Lager by Taco Works and Tio Rodrigo
  • Tortilla Chip Lager by Taco Works and Tio Rodrigo

Taco Works & Tio Rodrigo are teaming up for the ultimate “homegating” experience. While most of us won’t be joining the tailgate at Raymond James Stadium or even making the trek to our local sports bars, millions of Americans will be flooding stores, stocking fridges and settling in for some “homegating” to finish up football season during the Super Bowl at February 7. California chip company Taco Works and Tio Rodrigo Craft Beer Micheladas are spicing up this year’s Game Day experience with the world’s first Tortilla Chip Lager. The two small businesses are cracking into a new homegating tradition by combining the greatest party staples in history.

Let’s hope we will be celebrating our soccer ‘European Championship’ this summer! If possible in the stadiums but if ‘homegating’ is our only option, it will even bring a lot of positive excitement. This article is inspiration for all beer brands, start thinking on what you can bring to our homes to complete the joy of watching a great game!

Tortilla Chip Lager

“Everyone’s been going a bit stir-crazy lately so we wanted to have some fun and shake things up,” said head brewer Steve Courier. “Why not have your chips and drink them too?” Brewers shoveled over 400lbs of streaming tortilla chips fresh from the oven to craft a light, refreshing beer with hints of lime zest, perfect for any football fan’s day on the field…or couch. The limited-edition Tortilla Chip Lager will be available in select California retailers and online for California home delivery – complete with a complimentary bag of Taco Works chips.

The Central Coast’s hometown favorites will continue to partner into the year. As the top-rated canned Michelada in the country, Tio Rodrigo brings the true taste of Mexico by pairing SLO Brew beer, tomato juice, crisp lime and all-natural spices for a bold reviving craft cocktail. Keep an eye out for Tio Rodrigo Micheladas and Taco Works chips stacked out in select stores throughout California.

Website: Taco Works and Tio Rodrigo Craft

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