Limited edition Hemelwater jenever | Worldwide scoop for Hooghoudt: genever created with rainwater


  • Hemelwater jenever van Hooghoudt
  • Hemelwater jenever van Hooghoudt

A first for Hooghoudt: thdistillery with its roots in Groningen (The Netherlands) succeeded in producing gin from rainwater. Hooghoudt aims to reduce the use of scarce drinking water, the Hemelwater gin is based on Hooghoudt’s Premium Jonge Graanjenever recipe. By adding a variety of natural flavors such as juniper, iris root, fennels seeds, cardamom, star anise, elderflower and pear, the ultimate soft and pure gin is created. This 700 runs limited edition Dutch gin is very unique as gin has never been made from rainwater before.  

In 2016 we spotted the beer made from rainwater at brewery the PraelThe bitter blond beer, comparable to an IPA, was brewed in collaboration with the beer brewery Hemelswater (to be translated as water from heaven). A huge success, Code Blond even got attention outside the Netherlands. 

Hooghoudt’s limited edition Hemelwater jenever 

Master distiller Frank Leystra created a unique blend of pure distilled grain alcohol from the column, with a dash of malt wine to create a full and granular character. The malt wine is distilled in a traditional copper kettle which provides the gin with its distinctly rich taste. By adding a variety of natural flavors such as juniper, iris root, fennels seeds, cardamom, star anise, elderflower and pear, the ultime soft and pure gin is created. A local heather honey provides the gin with a natural sweetness.  

Reduce drinking water waste 

To bring the gin into complete balance and to reduce the use of precious drinking water, Hooghoudt uses purified rainwater from its Groningen-based distillery. This could lead to a 50% reduction in use of drinking water and it may also positively benefit the flooding issues that the Euvelgunne business park (Hooghoudt distillery’s location) in Groningen has been experiencing.  

Enrichment of craft 

‘Creating the world’s first gin from rainwater fits seamlessly with the story of its founders Grietje and Hero Jan Hooghoudt back in 1888’ according to Arno Donkersloot, managing director of Hooghoudt. ‘Only by innovating, taking on challenges and having deep understanding of the family business, we will remain relevant for the future generations ahead of us. Innovation and technology play an important part in this. 

Pricing and sales information 

The limited edition Hemelwater Jenever is available from April at selected liquor stores in the Netherlands. Check the video below to find out more about the distillation process of Hemelwater Jenever. (Article continues below the video). 

 About Hooghoudt 

The Hooghoudt family has been working its tail off to distil complex and progressive gins for over 130 years. Using recipes passed down for five generations as well as experimenting with unorthodox new blends, they like to think that they combine the audacity of a pioneer with the obsessiveness of a Dutch gin dynasty. 100% natural, 100% audacious. Since 1888 they have been passionately distilling gins without a whole lot of shortcuts or compromises. Which isn’t surprising, as their hometown of Groningen is renowned in the Netherlands for its stubbornness and precision.  

Website: Hooghoudt

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