Code Blond in the Netherlands, beer made of water from heaven!


At brewery the Prael it’s possible to buy beer made of rain water. The bitter blond beer, comparable to an IPA, is brewed in collaboration with the beer brewery Hemelswater (to be translated as water from heaven). A huge success, Code Blond even got attention outside the Netherlands.

Code Blond

Since 1998 we haven’t had such a rainy first halve of the summer. Which sucks, but not for everyone. Brewery Hemelswater uses all the rain to brew its beer. In collaboration with the Amsterdam brewer the Prael they brought Hemelswater: Code Blond on the market. Finally somebody benefits of the climate change!

The recipe is not an original, since the beer is the same as the Bitterblond by Prael. The only difference between the beers is that in Code Blond they didn’t use normal water but rain water. The rain was captured at two different locations and then filtered and boiled with as result a softer beer than the original. If it’s going to be a big success, they even need more rain! This is why the innovator Joris Hoebe hopes that cafes will help capture rain. In exchange the cafes will receive a freshly brewed Hemelswater beer a few weeks late

Website: De Prael

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