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  • Legendary Vish - plant-based salmon made by 3D bioprinting
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The last few years we have seen numerous examples of new products to replace meat and fish and other animal based foods like for example eggs and milk. As for replacing pieces of meat and fish there are basically two options: cultivated meat and fish that is grown from cells of an actual animal or plant-based alternatives. The cultivated alternative isn’t on the market yet but we have seen a couple of great plant-based alternatives like this one: start-up Legendary Vish from Austria.

Legendary Vish wants to start testing their bioprinted salmon fillet on a small scale in 2021 and they’re looking for partners for the launch of their products. Do you have a restaurant and are you interested in participating exciting projects? Don’t hesitate to contact Legendary Vish!

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Legendary Vish uses bioprinting to create their plant-based salmon

Through 3D-bioprinting they try to replicate a salmon fillet with the use of solely plant-based ingredients such as mushroom protein and algae. According to the CEO of Legendary Vish, Robin Simsa, their salmon looks shockingly real with very accurate flavour and aroma. However, they still need to make some progress in terms of ‘mouth feel’. The 3D printed fillet still lacks some texture when compared to real salmon. Legendary Vish plans to release their bioprinted salmon fillet in 2022 but are looking into testing the salmon on a small scale by next year.

Website: Legendary Vish

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