Le Jardin wants to surprise with vegetables


Another restaurant opened in Utrecht (the Netherlands), restaurant Le Jardin is open since December 2015. The restaurant is located next to their own florist and soon they will add a small boutique hotel (four bedrooms), above both shops.

“Groen-te-no-mie” (the trick of preparing good food and drinks with vegetables as main  ingredient)

When you enter the restaurant it looks like you step into a French courtyard. You are surrounded with the colour green. One of the walls is fully covered with ivy. The two greenhouses steal the show in the ‘greenery’, where the sunlight comes from above, and are filled with plants and little trees that you can buy. The restaurant lives up to its name.

You do not only find the colour green in the restaurant but also on your plate. ‘To surprise’ is the key element here. “Vegetables are great to work with,” says Lars Mooren, owner of the restaurant and founder of the term ‘groentenomie’.


1.The trick of preparing good food and drinks with vegetables as main ingredient

Although they use a lot of vegetables in the kitchen, it doesn’t mean you can only eat vegetarian dishes at Le Jardin. “We are not a vegetarian restaurant, but a restaurant that uses vegetables and herbs as main ingredient. It suits our name and the conscious food culture today. Together we eat less meat than we used to. You can’t ignore that trend. Still, a lot of restaurants serve mainly meat and fish dishes, with only a garnish of vegetables. We do the opposite, with vegetables as main ingredient and a handful of meat, fish and poultry. Besides that we also offer vegetarian dishes and every dish is available without meat and fish.”, says Lars Mooren.

Restaurant Le Jardin

If you ever want to visit restaurant Le Jardin, you can find it at Mariaplaats 42 in Utrecht, The Netherlands, close to Utrecht’s Central Station. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 17.00 – 01.00 o’clock.


Bron: Van Spronsen & Partners

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