La Cantina Del Mar | Bonaire Blond meets the ocean


The newest dish from the chef’s table at La Cantina Del Mar at Bonaire. At the chef’s table they  serve dishes inspired by local products and with Bonaire Blond beer.

The dish with Bonaire Blond at La Cantina Del Mar

This dish actually consists out of four ingredients. Bonaire Blond beer, fennel, sea vegetables and fish. Fennel from the land and sea fennel from the sea, different sea vegetables and seaweed, red snapper and oyster mayonnaise, followed by three preparations of Bonaire Blonde; a gel, foam and mustard. What’s so special about this dish? The broth. This is made from the wort. They make a savoury dish out of it by adding fennel and sea vegetables.

If you want to taste it, you have to go to Bonaire and La Cantina Del Mar! La Cantina is a restaurant inspired by the Latin American kitchen with fresh and tasty food for an affordable price. Chef Rick van den Broek is responsible for the kitchen and Kim van Dijk runs the restaurant. Last September they sold their restaurant At Sea. The building of La Cantina Del Mar has been remodelled and a second restaurant concept called The Brewery has opened in the same building. It’s the first brewery in Bonaire and also home of the Bonaire Blond beer which was introduced on the island in 2014. Rick and Kim are still members of the JRE (Jeune Restaurateurs Europe).

Website: La Cantina Del Mar

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