That’s a way to show your new ice-cream


The last couple of months restaurant At Sea at Bonaire, the latest Jeunes Restaurateurs D’Europe member, had the At Sea Cornetto on the menu. A nod to the classic Cornetto. The Cornetto At Sea consists out of passion fruit-coconut ice cream with dark chocolate and passion fruit jelly. The positive reactions of the guests motivated the chef Rick van den Broek to make a commercial for the At Sea Cornetto. If you want to win a box of his delicious At Sea Cornetto’s like and share the video on Facebook. The video is based on the original commercial for Cornetto. The location is the beautiful Lac Bay beach at Bonaire. Jan Lokhorst produced it. Vivienne Vollebregt and Eduard de Vries have the leading roles. Jeroen Roevros sings and the music is produced by Michiel van Bokhorst as well as the voice-over.



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