Kuvée, a wine bottle shaped object with touchscreen, Wi-Fi and sensors


An article about a new product in the wine industry. It’s a wine bottle shaped object with a touchscreen that is connected with Wi-Fi and has sensors to read details like how many glasses of wine left… And the system is designed to keep the wine fresh for 30 days.

How does Kuvée work?

Kuvée itself is hollow object with a hole at the bottom, it’s wine-bottle-shaped with Wi-Fi, a touchscreen, and a bunch of sensors. Into this hole, you slot metallic silver “refills” that each contain the same 750ml as a standard bottle of wine. When you want to have a drink, you pop in the silver refill canister and tip the wine into your glass just like a regular bottle. When you’re done pouring, the refill canister seals back up to keep the oxygen out, which keeps the juice inside the canister from spoiling. Kuvée is designed to keep wine fresh for 30 days, several times longer than your average wine would last once opened.

When you insert one of the canisters, the screen lights up with the chosen wine’s label, information about the wine, suggestions for food pairings and it tells you how much wine is left in the bottle. You can even buy more refills right on the bottle. They certainly make drinking wine ‘cool’ don’t you think? The e-store is curated by Kuvée and they’re working with a couple of Californian winemakers at this moment. It allows you to open more wines at the same time but only with their refills.

Other examples of cool systems

We already wrote about the Keurig KOLD system which makes waters, soft drinks and energy drinks look cool and is a bit similar. Kuvée does the same with their system for wine with the only restriction that you’re limited in your wine choice.

We prefer to compare it with the Coravin, we spotted earlier, which gives you the opportunity to open any bottle of wine without having to remove the cork. Even the capsule doesn’t have to be removed. With this system the wine is poured in the glass via a stainless steel needle with a teflon coating, the remaining wine is pressured with the noble argon gas to prevent oxidation. Coravin is used by serious wine bars with sections on their menu’s like ‘Coravin wines by the glass’.

Conclusion: technology makes great wine more accessible at any time and okay we even have to admit that it’s making wine also a bit more ‘cool’ to drink.

Website: Kuvée

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