Is the Keurig KOLD system a replacement for the mini-bar?


With the Keurig KOLD system you will make your own soda in just 8 seconds. Will this be a possible replacement for the minibar?

How does it work?

The system is based on coffee machines like the Nespresso machine and the Senseo. The provider offers a range of flavours of soft drinks in the form of a pad. You can choose one of your favourite soft drinks, put the pad in the machine and push the start button. The water will be pressed through the pad. You are able to set your favourite temperature to get yourself a perfectly chilled, fresh glass of soda. The Keurig KOLD system works without the aid of a carbon dioxide cartridge, making it user friendly.

You can make different drinks with the Keurig KOLD system

Currently the producers have agreements with different soda vendors, such as Coca-Cola. In addition, the Keurig system KOLD can prepare different soft drinks, iced teas, flavoured waters and sports drinks.


The system seems an ideal replacement for the minibar. The only thing you have to think of is the presence of sufficient pads in the room. Especially the step of the final invoicel and the restocking of the pads in the room, will save much time and effort.

Website: Keurig

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