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Imagine that you’re in a foreign country, need to withdraw money, but don’t know where the nearest ATM is. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines found a solution to this problem. With messenger, they take things to a new level by introducing a new emoji service that makes it easy to find your way in an unknown city or country. Just send them a message with an ATM-emoji and KLM will fix it for you!

Emoji’s as a personal guide

Looking for the nearest ATM or train station? Simply send the matching emoji to KLM, share your current location and KLM instantly replies with the nearest address. And what about an Italian restaurant? The emoji of a pizza slice and your location are enough to help you on your way. It’s all explained in this video.

Tjalling Smit, Senior Vice President E-Commerce Air France KLM: “We believe we should be where our customers are and therefore KLM and Messenger are the perfect fit. Since March last year we offer our customers the option to receive all relevant flight documentation and information in one single Messenger overview. KLM flies people all over the world and knows how difficult it can be to quickly find your way in unknown places, and therefore offering this new emoji service is a logic next step.”


Even when you’re lovesick, KLM is there to help! Send them the heart-broken emoji and they will send you addresses of ice cream stores to fix your broken heart. How sweet! KLM’s new service on Messenger is available to everybody worldwide. For more information, please visit www.klm.com/messenger.

Website: KLM

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