KFC’s Kickass Christmas Dinner


  • KFC Kickass Christmas Dinne
  • KFC Kickass Christmas Dinne
  • KFC Kickass Christmas Dinne
  • KFC Kickass Christmas Dinne

KFC organized a Christmas dinner in three restaurants in the Netherlands on Boxing Day, KFC’s Kickass Christmas Dinner. Together with chef Bert van Buschbach, known as ‘Chef Bertus’, owner of restaurant ‘De Compagnon’ in Amsterdam, they created a special Christmas dinner of four courses.

Chef Bertus about KFC’s Kickass Christmas Dinner

Guests got the KFC’s Kickass Christmas Dinner served at their table,  in three locations of KFC in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam (Marconi Square), Nijmegen and Amsterdam (Foodstrip). Bert van Buschbach: “It was a kick to tackle this project with KFC. We had a look in each other’s kitchens and grabbed the best of both worlds. We made our guests happy with KFC icons combined with aspects from the haute cuisine. For example, we started with an amuse served on the finger of our guests, made of Pepper Mayonnaise and panna cota with truffle, crumb of the Original Breading and chicken with some grated truffle. We also served a crispy egg yolk in the famous Orginal Breading of KFC. When KFC approached me for this project I was immediately enthusiastic. It has been very instructive to work with KFC executives. We have learned a lot from each other.”

Thousands of entries

Marinho Bouwland, brand manager KFC Netherlands told that they received more than 2.000 entries, eventually 260 people were invited. “We wanted to do something back for our regular guests. Last year we organized our first Christmas dinner in Rotterdam. That was a great success. People even came from Hengelo to attend the dinner in Rotterdam. To give as many people as possible the opportunity to join us on Boxing Day we organized Christmas dinner 2015 at three locations.”

Website: KFC Nederland

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