Inspiration from 2018 l The (arcade)games are back


  • (arcade)games

These last few years we see them more and more often, arcade games in the hospitality and leisure industry. Pinball machines, air-hockey and pool tables, it’s all coming back. Cool concepts that focus on a specific game or sport and where eating and drinking does come in second.

The rise of ping-pong bars has been going on a while now. In all major Dutch cities there are now bars where people can enjoy a game of ping-pong with friends. The last few years also pétanque bars seem to have joined this movement (such as Mooie Boules in Amsterdam and Rotterdam), Airhockey concepts (Puck) and even some more “fancy” places (Flight Club Darts Londen).

Besides this, concepts like TonTon Club really try to take their guests back in time with games such as Mortal Kombat and Time Shooters to relive their childhood memories. On the other hand there are places that really focus on the younger generation and their needs. E-sport bars like Meltdown are places where you can both play e-sports and watch big live e-sport events.

In summary, it can be concluded that for the people who love games this movement is more than amazing!

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