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  • Inspiration for National and International DaysInspiration for National and International Days

13 February 2024 – A blog by Marjolein van Spronsen, on using national and international days as inspiration. We mention these days 1 to 2 months upfront in our weekly trendletter. With links to the former trendletters. We don’t publish those articles on Horecatrends but of course everyone can subscribe to the weekly trendmail. 😉

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Inspiration for upcoming national and international days in our weekly trendletter

In my opinion, quite a few hospitality entrepreneurs are absorbed in the delusion of the day. Happy to have enough staff, being ready for the arriving guests and happy if the service went well. Imagine also updating potential guests of special days that are celebrated at your restaurant, that must feel extra nice. Especially if you have a some days where the turnover isn’t as high as you would like it to be.

If the environmental factors are all in place, such as enough staff, financial metrics and so on, then it’s time for some marketing. Invite your staff into this conversation, ask them what kind of ideas they have about increasing turnover for example, who knows what they bring up!

One possibility is to capitalise on ‘national and international days’. Those days are very popular in the USA, where they invented marketing days. Yet we see that this trend is slowly but surely taking over other countries around the world as well. The best-known examples of that kind of days are Valentine’s Day and Earth Day but there are many more options your business could capitalise on. sends out a weekly trendletter, in which we indicate what days are coming up in about 1 to 2 months’ time. Always a few weeks ahead so it can serve as inspiration. We provide you with information on what these days entail with links to even more information and offer you inspiration from our own website. For example the focus was on Valentine’s Day, Peanut butter-, Nutella- and Croissant Day in week 2. And in Week 3 inspiration for Pancake Day and, for example, Pizza Day. Week 4 inspiration to celebrate Earth Day and Hour, as well as International Women’s Day, National Meatball Day and National Barbie Day. In Week 5, the following days came up: Easter, Fool’s Day and, for example, ‘International School Meals Day’.

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