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In the heart of Utrecht on the Bakkerstraat 7, Désirée Stroes and Brian Steevens opened their Croquetten Boutique last November. The enthusiastic entrepreneurs sell croquettes in all shapes and sizes at this location. How about the following croquettes: ‘Pumpkin & Sage’, ‘Apple & Cinnamon’, ‘Mushroom & Parsnip’ or ‘Chicken & Red Curry’. You can also order a tasting of 6 small croquettes. Of course, they also have the original croquette on the menu, handmade and fresh! For the Holiday Season they have a special ‘Hazenpeper’ Croquet (with kind of Hare Stew). Another example of hyperspecialization.


We have seen it for years, specialization. In the early years of Horecatrends (from 2007) we wrote about restaurants such as Look in Rotterdam (all dishes with garlic) and especially the rise of the various cuisines from the Far East. Nowadays we go one step further each time, the ‘Roast Chicken’ restaurants are trendy and what about the Avocadoshow, The Fat Dog, Champagneria Five Brothers Fat and the Utrecht-based whisky bar The Mault Vault? More and more new restaurants make a clear choice for a formula around a single product. A counterpart to the trend of the rise of the ‘Food hall’ where eating together while choosing individually is decisive. Here, too, the croquettes and ‘bitterballen’(croquettes bals) are popular, just think of ‘De Ballenbar‘.

The Croquettes Boutique | Fresh and handmade croquettes

The croquettes of the Croquetten Boutique are handmade and they’re distinguished by the unusual taste variations. Especially the ‘Apple & Cinnamon’ variety with a kind of ‘apple tart’ taste sounds special. This variant could have been in our list of December 2015 with all kinds of special croquettes and ‘bitterballen’. I sometimes make a portion of ‘bitterballen’ from the book by Edwin Kats, ‘The great culinary croquettes cookbook’. All Dutchies love special flavours! We will go to Utrecht and try the tasting of 6 small croquettes of the Croquetten Boutique! ^Marjolein

Website: Croquetten Boutique

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